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The best way to collaborate with your peers.

Companies like Sony Music, Mozilla, Boxee and Digital Kitchen use Goplan to manage their projects. Find out why

Goplan lets you keep track of your projects and collaborate with your colleagues securely through an intuitive user interface.

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  • Checkbox Task management
  • Ticket_my Issue tracking
  • Calendar Calendar
  • Menu_files File Versioning
  • Flag_green Milestones
  • Menu_discussions Discussions
  • Clock Time tracking
  • Project_users Activity stream
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Goplan sees frequent - often weekly - improvements, and we are always listening to what our users have to say about the product so we can make your experience even better.


All data on our servers is backed up every hour. On top of that, Goplan keeps a great uptime track record, with over 99.9% availability. Goplan automatically scales with usage too, so you don't experience slow page loads.



All our plans, including free, include enterprise-grade 2048-bit encryption. That means all communication between your browser and our servers is secure.