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Project management is hard. Goplan makes it fun.

Companies like Mozilla, Boxee and Digital Kitchen use Goplan to manage their projects. Find out why below.

Goplan lets you keep track of your projects and collaborate with your colleagues securely through an intuitive user interface.

An overview of our features

  • Checkbox Task management
  • Ticket_my Issue tracking
  • Calendar Calendar
  • Menu_files File Versioning
  • Flag_green Milestones
  • Menu_discussions Discussions
  • Clock Time tracking
  • Project_users Activity stream

Your data isn't locked in

Everything on Goplan can be commented, tagged and searched. Data can be accessed by RSS feeds, calendars can be subscribed from external applications, and for everything else, there's a developer API that lets anyone expand on our functionality.


Everything in its right place

The Goplan dashboard gives you an overview of everything that's happening with your company and your projects. You can see what people have been working on, what pending tasks are on their plate, and what milestones are approaching.

Goplan also includes team status updates and time tracking, so you can tell everyone what you're working on, and track how long it takes you too.


Task management

Organize your projects into tasks and milestones. Tasks can have any number of sub-tasks, with sub-tasks of their own. Create full task lists without ever leaving the task list screen. You can also track time for any task on Goplan by clicking the clock icons next to each task on the list, or in a task detail screen.


Issue tracking

If you're running a software project, you're probably aware of the notion of tickets and issue tracking. Tickets capture project defects, which can then prioritized and filtered. Even if you are not managing software , tickets are still quite valuable in order to, as an example, manage client requests and their progress.

As an added feature, tickets can be created by email, meaning you can have clients or developers send in issues by email, or build automated reporting systems.



Check each of your project's calendars, or see what's coming in the company-wide agenda. You can add events to the calendar just by clicking any day. Tasks and approaching milestones are also automatically visible both in the calendar and agenda.

You can subscribe to any Goplan calendar from external applications like Apple's iCal or Google Calendar. The possibilities are endless.


File management

Upload files and documents directly to Goplan and have all your projects assets in one secure place. You can also update existing documents by uploading new versions, which are automatically saved too.

Goplan's file versioning functionality lets you view, download and manage all past versions of your documents, which is really useful if you're working on a design or document that keeps changing - as long as you keep updating your Goplan copy, you have a history of changes to your files.


We think you're going to love Goplan. Give it a try.

You can try any of our plans for 30 days, for free! You won't get charged a dime if you don't like Goplan.